logo Designs

We have a great collection of logos designed and developed by our team, Browse through our best logos and get inspired to create a new logo for your business!

Reason 2 Rhyme has designed an involving logo, the color scheme of red and black signify communication as a vital part of life, and it will be a perfect way to express your feelings by sending customized greeting cards to your loved one with Reason 2 Rhyme.

Synergy Risk consultants have utilized a welcoming logo, by using an appropriate color scheme ; where red represents the energetic and proactive behavior of this risk management company and yellow is associated with optimism. The logo portrays a positive image to the consumers, motivating them to become risk takers.

Kimberley Lang Designs makes use of a very unique black and white logo, the shield around the logo describes the work of Kimberley Lang Designs who render valuable services and it also portrays the royal value that this designer possesses. The purple color represents courage, passion and wealth which is the core of KLD.

Sporting Historic moments has implemented a logo representing discipline, fitness, professionalism and commitment. The color scheme of white and orange represent these values, displaying the quality, dynamics and description of the sports service offered.

Emergency road services LLA has utilized a strong logo design. The eagle represents the company’s strength and loyalty towards emergency management services that is signified by the vehicle and the wheel whereas the spanners represent the mechanical expertise the company possesses.

Lifesizzles.com uses a very simple logo; the color blue has been used to give it an influencing and soothing feel. Whereas the yellow is associated with energy, light and warmth. It stimulates creative thoughts and energy, reflecting the emotion of high-energy businesses. Pink is thought to have a calming effect. Overall the logo is very serene and tranquil.

The blue room’s logo is very interesting; the blue color in the logo is one of their most preferred colors as it has a calm and conservative effect, which is why it's very popular in various business sections.

Nelson Facilities Management’s logo portrays a positive brand image about the company’s management; the yellow color is associated with optimism. Whereas the red emphasizes the importance of the company’s management role within the work, the color red depicts high importance.

Eagles Nest is a child care center, their logo is designed very carefully with great attention to detail. The eagle represents the power, performance and zeal of a mother, whereas the nest represents the fact that your child is in safe hands.

Venmark Digital’s signature logo represents energy and passion with the red ‘Venmark’, whereas the grey colored ‘Digital’ evokes emotions of commitment.

Chocolot’s uses a very smart logo where the yellow color represents positive energy whereas the brown used in the chocolate splash brings to mind the feeling of warmth, comfort, and security. It is often described as natural, down-to-earth, and conventional.

Vitality is a brand name signifying the energy and optimism that is vital for your life. The yellow in the background portrays a positive energy, like that of a sparkling sunray that hits your window early morning and the green portrays a healthy life style.

Pink Baby Cheeks has utilized a very charming look for their logo. The color combination of white and pink embody the freshness; beauty and femininity that make your infant daughters look even more adorable and cute. The logo also includes a cute girl with a pink clip as a logo mascot.

Made Up by Hanna is a brand name for makeup. The lips on top of the brand name in the logo portray the sex appeal that is necessary for every woman to make her look more feminine and beautiful. This is a signature logo; hence the name of the designer is kept clean and neat in black. In contrast the pink identifies the freshness, beauty and love a woman possesses.

HEXAD has used a very playful logo, it is made up of a blend of vivacious colors, the color blue represents a sense of attraction, whereas the color red portrays high pulse and importance and the purple color represents passion and royalty and wealth.

Monster shears.com’s logo uses a color combination of blue and gray, where the blue portrays an appealing, attractive look and the gray represents neutrality.

Dandelion Babies has a 3 colored logo of yellow, pink and orange. Where the yellow represents positivity and energy, pink shows the calming effect of love, and the orange portrays feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth.

Strawberry Freckles has designed a very interesting logo, here the tree denotes security and shelter, pink reflects love and happiness and the color red represents a feeling of excitement or intensity. In this logo the strawberries are used to represent sweetness and freshness and the bird’s re-inforce a pleasant environment.

The logo of pet sitter barbi is made up of a catchy color combination of blue and pink, the dogs and cats identify the nature of the service offered.

Glasses Clearance offers a lens service at bargain prices. The design incorporates lens as the symbol, an emphasis on the second word denotes the cheaper prices to be had and the surrounding red color is generally used as a sale color, very simple and totally memorable.  

The legendary Pegasus used in this logo portrays an image of a company that flies further to render quality services; the logo design is neat and has a professional look to it.

Ruff around the edges has a very playful logo, signifying the nature of the service offered.