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about us

Logo Designs NZ has been in the market for a couple of years. We know exactly what you require for your logo, our expert team just needs some brief information to get an idea of your needs. It’s not only the final product that matters to us, but the process of creating and finalizing that product. It has never been what logo can be created for your company at Logo Designs NZ; it has always been how to create a logo that matches your company’s image in the market generating an impact on your target audience for a long duration. We make use of every tactic we can muster to deliver the best logo to our clients, and the key to our adaptability is in our process.

Our successful clientele lies in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, India, NewZealandandSouthAfrica. We have continuous support from our logo designers, members of the web designing team, the development team and the research team as well, it is due to this immense combined support that we are able to come up with high quality logo’s to maintain and add value to your business.

Our working procedure is very SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE; the team at Logo Designs NZ is very hardworking and stays DETERMINED throughout!

The kick off

All the designers in the team get together and take down the important design requirements that are mandatory to creating a new logo.

Daily Reporting

At Logo Designs NZ , not only the designers, but the managers, marketers, project officers everyone keeps a daily check on the sort of work being done, all the team players are ready to help the designers in the shape of advice or encouragement, that enables them to make more productive results in the form of attractive logos.

Iteration Planning

We are open to all sorts of criticism. Your feedback is cherished a lot; it tells us where we are going wrong and the corrective actions necessary to mend the mistakes. We keep you informed about the theme of your logo from time to time, helping you to keep a track of the design, and giving you an option to change whatever is not wanted.

Don't forget all adjustments including color schemes, brand name, or logo tweaks are FREE of charge