• Logo Basic

    NZD$ 130
    was $260
    • 3 Logo Concepts by 1 Designer
    • FREE 1 Round of revisions
    • Delivery within 5 business days
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee*
  • Logo Unlimited

    NZD$ 299
    was $598
    • Unlimited Concepts by 8 Designers
    • FREE Unlimited Revisions
    • FREE 1 Complete Stationery concept
    • FREE GIF Logo
    • FREE MS Word Letterhead
    • Delivery within 3 business days
    • $20 off on future orders over $100
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee*
  • Logo Startup

    NZD$ 175
    was $350
    • 6 Logo Concepts by 2 Designers
    • FREE Unlimited Revisions
    • FREE 1 Basic Stationery concept
    • Delivery within 2 business days
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee*


The world of the web is now the most productive tool to get people’s attention online and spreading the message to a variety of clients. The most important thing for any business is to have a decent, subtle web interface with a presentable attractive logo design that has the power to capture a special place in the minds and hearts of its viewers. Logos are either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or are made up of the name of the organization. Today there are many corporations, products, brands, services, and design agencies using an ideogram (sign, icon) or an emblem (symbol) or a combination of sign and emblem as a logo.

This was a little story about how logos work in the online industry. So, are you searching for an effective logo design to attract you target audience? Congratulations you have landed on the Right page! Logo Designs NZ has a team of highly qualified professionals in the art of logo designs.

No matter what your business is about and how complicated your message is, our team of experts will carve out your business message in the SIMPLEST and most EFFICIENT way. Our logo designers create specialized and appealing custom logo designs for businesses and professionals by virtue of their experience and expertise. Logo designers are capable of crafting an exact custom logo design according to your given guidelines and within your specified deadline. Our logo designers make sure the logos they design are descriptive, memorable, scalable and efficient. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction by offering affordable packages for custom logo designs and unlimited round of revisions with no additional cost which sets us apart from other logo design agencies in the industry.

Go through our logo design gallery and grab the opportunity to get your hands on the latest type of logo designs right away! Don’t stick to typical and old shaped logos. Get some creativity into your presence online using our imaginative and artistic logo designs on your website.

The Logo Design Process

Designing a good logo is not an easy task and requires a lot of involvement from the marketing team and the logo designers. It requires a clear idea about the concept and values of the brand along with an understanding of the consumer or target audience. The Broad steps in a logo design process include:

  1. Formulating a concept,
  2. Doing the initial sketch work,
  3. Finalizing the logo concept,
  4. Deciding the theme colors and format
  5. We know that custom logos designs are highly noticeable by customers, and therefore we take full responsibility for attracting customers to your brand by offering top quality logo designs.